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Add unsigned packed int impls in oal.util

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      There are various places in Lucene that could take advantage of an
      efficient packed unsigned int/long impl. EG the terms dict index in
      the standard codec in LUCENE-1458 could subsantially reduce it's RAM
      usage. FieldCache.StringIndex could as well. And I think "load into
      RAM" codecs like the one in TestExternalCodecs could use this too.

      I'm picturing something very basic like:

      interface PackedUnsignedLongs  {
        long get(long index);
        void set(long index, long value);

      Plus maybe an iterator for getting and maybe also for setting. If it
      helps, most of the usages of this inside Lucene will be "write once"
      so eg the set could make that an assumption/requirement.

      And a factory somewhere:

        PackedUnsignedLongs create(int count, long maxValue);

      I think we should simply autogen the code (we can start from the
      autogen code in LUCENE-1410), or, if there is an good existing impl
      that has a compatible license that'd be great.

      I don't have time near-term to do this... so if anyone has the itch,
      please jump!


        1. LUCENE-1990.patch
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          Michael McCandless
        2. LUCENE-1990.patch
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          Michael McCandless
        3. LUCENE-1990-te20100301.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        4. performance-20100301.txt
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          Toke Eskildsen
        5. perf-mkm-20100227.txt
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          Michael McCandless
        6. generated_performance-te20100226.txt
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          Toke Eskildsen
        7. LUCENE-1990-te20100226c.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        8. performance-te20100226.txt
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          Toke Eskildsen
        9. LUCENE-1990-te20100226b.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        10. LUCENE-1990-te20100226.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        11. LUCENE-1990-te20100223.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        12. LUCENE-1990-te20100212.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        13. LUCENE-1990-te20100210.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        14. LUCENE-1990-te20100122.patch
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          Toke Eskildsen
        15. LUCENE-1990.patch
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          Michael McCandless
        16. LUCENE-1990_PerformanceMeasurements20100104.zip
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          Toke Eskildsen

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