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Add more tools for dealing with the WAL

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      There's only one tool for dealing with WALs, the dump tool, which lets you see what's in the WAL by reading it like a Kudu server would and then dumping it as debug strings.

      We could probably use a few more, though. This JIRA serves as a tracking JIRA for new WAL tools and as a parent JIRA for some existing WAL tool JIRAs.

      Tools we could add or enhancements we could make:

      • 'kudu wal dump --debug' with batch offsets. This would have been useful to me a couple times when I've done WAL surgery.
      • 'kudu wal dump repair' maybe with truncate capability (KUDU-1503) or the capability to 'punch out' an entry.
      • A 'kudu wal compare' tool that can compare two WALs and show their differences, so the WALs of two replicas of the same tablet could be compared.
      • A 'kudu wal edit' tool that can edit some kinds of wal entries-- the use case for this is editing the hostports of peers in config change operations (KUDU-2396).


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