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Tool to edit host/port for pending config changes in the WAL after machine migration



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      I recently migrating some machines such that the host/port pairs on disk in the cmeta and WALs no longer matched their actual location. One solution around this was to use DNS aliasing to point the old machines to the new machines e.g. putting something like the following into the /etc/hosts files on all of the new machines:

      new.tserver.ip.1 old.tserver.1.com
      new.tserver.ip.2 old.tserver.2.com
      new.tserver.ip.3 old.tserver.3.com
      new.tserver.ip.4 old.tserver.4.com

      In cases where this is not possible (if, say, the new machines are hosting services that require talking to the old machines), the remaining workaround would be to rewrite the host/ports on disk. For the cmeta, this is as simple as rewriting some protobuf container files with `kudu pbc edit`, but for the pending config changes in the WALs, this is not the case, since we currently have no tooling to rewrite WAL segments. As such, tooling to edit the WALs as we have for pbc files would be nice.

      Of course, solving KUDU-418 would make this tooling unnecessary for this use case, but this is at least an option to make the larger problem more easily handleable in the short term.


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