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Cannot specify build.properties file - FileNotFoundException



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    • 2.0.0.final
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    • Windows 7, Eclipse 3.5


      Trying the Final IvyDE which has the properties file support contributed by Pentaho. The only thing that IvyDE will accept is a fully qualified path, and then it's able to find the file.

      build.properties (fails)
      ./build.properties (fails)

      The exception says "The property file 'build.properties' could not be found"

      The problem is a result of a code change in IvyClasspathContainerConfiguration (2.0.0 final code) that was made because of IVYDE-182. On line 626/627:

      is = javaProject.getProject().getFile(file).getContents();

      is = new FileInputStream(javaProject.getProject().getFile(file)

      The problem (I believe) is the use of .getFullPath(). It should have been (back then):
      is = new FileInputStream(javaProject.getProject().getFile(file)

      In the configuration screen, if I click Refresh, I can see a more complete error which illuminates the underlying problem:

      Error while resolving the ivy instance for ivy.xml in 'bi-platform-api':
      The property file 'build.properties' could not be found

      Underlying error (java.io.FileNotFoundException):
      \bi-platform-api\build.properties (The system cannot find the path specified)

      Note - the "\bi-platform-api\" - that is the path minus the workspace. It should be "\japps\bi-platform-v2\bi-platform-api\...."

      Ultimately this can be closed since it's fixed in the trunk as a result of changes made to IvyClasspathContainerState in IVYDE-203 where the line became (notice it's getLocation and not getFullPath) .:

      is = new FileInputStream(conf.getJavaProject().getProject().getLocation()

      So - since it's fixed in the trunk, why am I opening a case? Well, the only release out there is unusable for us (unfortunately). I'd really like to be able to point our developers/contributors to an actual release with an Eclipse update site instead of us building it ourselves and putting another build of IvyDE in our wiki with directions on how to manually install it into Eclipse. Any chance of:

      a- A 2.0.1 patch in the very near future?
      b- A 2.1.0 release in the very near future?

      Thanks for your time and consideration


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