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Enable predicate pushdown to delta files created by ACID Transactions

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    • 2.3.0
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      In current Hive version, delta files created by ACID transactions do not allow predicate pushdown if they contain any update/delete events. This is done to preserve correctness when following a multi-version approach during event collapsing, where an update event overwrites an existing insert event.
      This JIRA proposes to split an update event into a combination of a delete event followed by a new insert event, that can enable predicate push down to all delta files without breaking correctness. To support backward compatibility for this feature, this JIRA also proposes to add some sort of versioning to ACID that can allow different versions of ACID transactions to co-exist together.


        1. Design.Document.Improving ACID performance in Hive.01.docx
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        2. Design.Document.Improving ACID performance in Hive.02.docx
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