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duplicate ROW__ID possible in multi insert into transactional table



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    • 2.2.0
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       create table AcidTablePart(a int, b int) partitioned by (p string) clustered by (a) into 2 buckets stored as orc TBLPROPERTIES ('transactional'='true');
       create temporary table if not exists data1 (x int);
       insert into data1 values (1);
       from data1
         insert into AcidTablePart partition(p) select 0, 0, 'p' || x
         insert into AcidTablePart partition(p='p1') select 0, 1

      Each branch of this multi-insert create a row in partition p1/bucket0 with ROW__ID=(1,0,0).
      The same can happen when running SQL Merge (HIVE-10924) statement that has both Insert and Update clauses when target table has 'transactional'='true','transactional_properties'='default' (see HIVE-14035). This is so because Merge is internally run as a multi-insert statement.

      The solution relies on statement ID introduced in HIVE-11030. Each Insert clause of a multi-insert is gets a unique ID.
      The ROW__ID.bucketId now becomes a bit packed triplet (format version, bucketId, statementId).
      (Since ORC stores field names in the data file we can't rename ROW__ID.bucketId).
      This ensures that there are no collisions and retains desired sort properties of ROW__ID.
      In particular SortedDynPartitionOptimizer works w/o any changes even in cases where there fewer reducers than buckets.


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