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Erasure coding: use BlockInfo[] for both striped and contiguous blocks in INodeFile



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      This JIRA is to use BlockInfo[] blocks for both striped and contiguous blocks in INodeFile.

      Currently FileWithStripedBlocksFeature keeps separate list for striped blocks, and the methods there duplicate with those in INodeFile, and current code need to judge isStriped then do different things. Also if file is striped, the blocks in INodeFile occupy a reference memory space.
      These are not necessary, and we can use the same blocks to make code more clear.

      I keep FileWithStripedBlocksFeature as empty for follow use: I will file a new JIRA to move dataBlockNum and parityBlockNum from BlockInfoStriped to INodeFile, since ideally they are the same for all striped blocks in a file, and store them in block will waste NN memory.


        1. HDFS-8058.001.patch
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          Yi Liu
        2. HDFS-8058.002.patch
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          Yi Liu
        3. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.003.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        4. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.004.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        5. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.005.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        6. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.006.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        7. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.007.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        8. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.008.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        9. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.009.patch
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          Zhe Zhang
        10. HDFS-8058-HDFS-7285.010.patch
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          Zhe Zhang

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