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Add DFSClient sending handshake token to DataNode, and allow DataNode overwrite downstream QOP

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    • Fix Version/s: 3.3.0, 3.2.1, 3.1.3
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      Given the other Jiras under HDFS-13541, this Jira is to allow DFSClient to redirect the encrypt secret to DataNode. The encrypted message is the QOP that client and NameNode have used. DataNode decrypts the message and enforce the QOP for the client connection. Also, this Jira will also include overwriting downstream QOP, as mentioned in the HDFS-13541 design doc. Namely, this is to allow inter-DN QOP that is different from client-DN QOP.


        1. HDFS-13699.001.patch
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          Chen Liang
        2. HDFS-13699.002.patch
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          Chen Liang
        3. HDFS-13699.003.patch
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          Chen Liang
        4. HDFS-13699.004.patch
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          Chen Liang
        5. HDFS-13699.005.patch
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          Chen Liang
        6. HDFS-13699.006.patch
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          Chen Liang
        7. HDFS-13699.007.patch
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          Chen Liang
        8. HDFS-13699.008.patch
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          Chen Liang
        9. HDFS-13699.009.patch
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          Chen Liang
        10. HDFS-13699.010.patch
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          Chen Liang
        11. HDFS-13699.WIP.001.patch
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          Chen Liang

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