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NameNode Port based selective encryption



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      Here at LinkedIn, one issue we face is that we need to enforce different security requirement based on the location of client and the cluster. Specifically, for clients from outside of the data center, it is required by regulation that all traffic must be encrypted. But for clients within the same data center, unencrypted connections are more desired to avoid the high encryption overhead. 

      HADOOP-10221 introduced pluggable SASL resolver, based on which HADOOP-10335 introduced WhitelistBasedResolver which solves the same problem. However we found it difficult to fit into our environment for several reasons. In this JIRA, on top of pluggable SASL resolver, we propose a different approach of running RPC two ports on NameNode, and the two ports will be enforcing encrypted and unencrypted connections respectively, and the following DataNode access will simply follow the same behaviour of encryption/unencryption. Then by blocking unencrypted port on datacenter firewall, we can completely block unencrypted external access.


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