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StoreFile accounting issues on branch-1.3 and branch-1



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      This jira is an umbrella for a set of issues around store file accounting on branch-1.3 and branch-1 (I believe).

      At this point I do believe that many / most of those issues are related to backport of HBASE-13082 done long time ago. A number of related issues were identified and fixed previously, but some still yet to be debugged and fixed. I think that this class of problems prevents us from releasing 1.3.2 and moving stable pointer to branch 1.3 at this point, so marking as critical.

      Below is overview by Andrew Purtell from dev list: (Subject: Re: Branch 1.4 update):

      Let me provide some context.

      The root issue was fallout from a locking change introduced just prior to
      release of 1.3. That change was HBASE-13082. Lars H proposed a change. It
      was committed to trunk but quickly reverted. After the revert Lars decided
      to drop the work rather than fix it for reapplication. However, the work
      was picked up by others and eventually found its way into branch-1, then
      branch-1.3, then 1.3.x releases. There were unintended side effects,
      causing bugs. The umbrella issue HBASE-18397 tracks a bunch of fix work the
      community has done since. The last known bug fix was HBASE-18771, found and
      fixed by our Abhishek. The last known change I know of was work I did on
      HBASE-18786 to remove some dodgy exception handling (prefer aborts to
      silent data corruption). Is this enough to move the stable pointer?
      According to our testing at Salesforce, yes, so far. We have yet to run in
      full production. Give us a few months of that and my answer will be
      unconditional one way or another. According to some offline conversation
      with Mikhail and Gary, the answer is in fact no, they still have one hairy
      use case causing occasional problems that look like more of this, but that
      feedback predates HBASE-18771.


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