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Delay when client is located on the same node as the regionserver



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    • Linux 2.6.25 x86_64


      During testing of HBASE-80, we uncovered a strange 40ms delay for random reads. We ran a series of tests and found that it only happens when the client is on the same node as the RS and for a certain range of payloads (not specifically related to number of columns or size of them, only total payload). It appears to be precisely 40ms every time.

      Unsure if this is particular to our architecture, but it does happen on all nodes we've tried. Issue completely goes away with very large payloads or moving the client.

      Will post a test program tomorrow if anyone can test on a different architecture.

      Making a blocker for 0.20. Since this happens when you have an MR task running local to the RS, and this is what we try to do, might also consider making this a blocker for 0.19.1.


        1. ReadDelayTest.java
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          Jonathan Gray
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          Jim Kellerman
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          Jonathan Gray
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        6. getRow times.jpg
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        7. Contribution of seekTo to getClosest time.jpg
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        8. Contribution of next to getRow time.jpg
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        9. Contribution of getClosest to getRow time.jpg
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        10. getRow + round-trip vs # columns.jpg
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        11. zoom of columns vs round-trip blowup.jpg
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        12. Elapsed time of RowResults.readFields.jpg
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          Jim Kellerman
        13. RowResults.readFields zoomed.jpg
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          Jim Kellerman

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