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tcpnodelay is false by default; it should be true?


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      Up on IRC, nagles algo came up. Thought was that it should be off by default in our RPC only we'd need to check that nodelay didn't do damage:

      22:16 < javarants1> appears to be enabled unless you set it in the config
      22:16 < dj_ryan> good good
      22:16 < javarants1> probably want to set hbase.ipc.client.tcpnodelay and ipc.server.tcpnodelay to true and test that
      22:27 < St^Ack> So, lads, tcpnodelay should be TRUE on client and server by default rather than as they currently are, false?  If so, I should get this change into 0.20.3 (I can't repro kannan's hang still)
      22:28 < Toad> nodelay true makes sense but you should make sure that you've got appropriate buffering then
      22:28 < Toad> otherwise you'll get a bajillion packets per second and you'll suck throughputwise
      22:29 < dj_ryan> we buffer entire rows and whatnot
      22:29 < dj_ryan> so shouldnt be a problem i think
      22:29 < Toad> yea, worth watching a wireshark though, make sure your packet trace looks the same
      22:29 < St^Ack> thanks Toad ... then that means punt till 0.21 (smile)
      22:29 < St^Ack> not in imminent 0.20.3
      22:31 < Toad> yea, I wouldn't switch unless you have time to look it over


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