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ArrayWritables and their sub-classes don't play well with GiraphJob.run()



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      Twice now (GIRAPH-157 and GIRAPH-217) I have attempted to implement vertices that use ArrayWritables (including subclassing as described in Hadoop docs, and the generic String[] version with its own constructor). Although the code will compile and compute() can successfully be unit tested, a real run breaks the code. Thanks to Sean Choi (also struggling with this) for helping me figure out I'm not crazy, this is a real issue.

      A guick grep in Giraph reveals no one else is using them yet, so maybe thats why this has gotten past us thus far. I am happy to take a hard look at GiraphJob (etc) and see if i can figure a workaround, but this one might be above my pay grade. Help!

      Incidently, I used Sean's solution in 157 to simple output final data tuples as Text vertex values, but this is wasteful and not good for bulk data processing. Could be something about our output formats, but between us we have attempted several with no dice. If I have just been a newbie and missed something, please let me know, otherwise I'm going to change GIRAPH-217 to use Text output as well, and fix it again later when this issue is resolved.

      Thanks for your help!




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