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Vertex to perform graph coloring on simple, connected, undirected graphs and related test.



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      Hi. I am attempting to learn the Hadoop and Giraph codebases and wanted to write a simple client application for Giraph to help me learn the ins and outs of it. This is a simple unit test and vertex modeled after the ConnectedComponentsVertex and related test. The vertex test runs whenever you run the "mvn test" or "mvn verify" suite of tests. When finished processing, each vertex will have an integer value that is its color.

      This is a pretty simple implementation, and although I have tested it on a number of small graphs of varied trickiness and it seems to rapidly arrive at a minimal coloring, its hard (for me at least) to guess which possible coloring it will arrive at and I have no idea how it will do on really big graphs yet without finding some more pre-colored larger test graphs to try it on. Ideas anyone?

      Anyway, it was fun to put this together, and I'd be happy to improve it or receive some help or advice to further the cause. Thanks again, I am hoping this will be the first of many (hopefully more useful) contributions!



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