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Migrate to java.time from Joda API



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.4.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5.0
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      http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/fineract-dev/201907.mbox/%3cCALiX4ib1d32ZSKZN87KureoSBwsCJMo9DHGNoQbWYDyUi-CTUQ@mail.gmail.com%3e, and the original previous and the follow up replies on that thread Subject "Questions about my approach to find problems with tenant time zones, and about the instance values of SQL migration files.", related to FINERACT-723? I think, point out that org.apache.fineract.infrastructure.core.service.DateUtils could do with a closer look and fixes, specifically:

      That DateUtils class is interesting.. do we really need to mix the old java.util.Date API and the org.joda.time Time API ? FYI Joda Time has been integrated into Java 8 as java.time. So if someone was up for taking up work related to cleaning that up, that could be useful IMHO (so converge everything to java.time, and eventually remove the Joda dependency, and introduce an enforced check via Checkstle or SpotBugs to forbid java.util.Date).
      The null management in DateUtils is pretty interesting as well. So is this per tenant TZ guaranteed to always be in the DB? What does the DB schema say - required, never NULL? Does the Java code ensure it's never null? I'm asking these questions because something like that getLocalDateTimeOfTenant(), despite its name, seems to be actually be written to EITHER give us a "local" time based on the tenant, or, if that's null, it just falls back to what l suspect (not verified) is dependent on the OS / JVM TZ - that's scary. Perhaps it's not a problem in reality, if every tenant is guaranteed to always have a TZ, but if someone could double check this, and if so remove those null check and system dependent fallbacks, then IMHO that would make that utility code clearer.
      BTW line 45 in DateUtils seems completely useless, agreed? Would you like to raise a PR proposing to ditch that?


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