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Credit Bureau Integration Phase 3



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      This Jira summarizes the work done for credit bureau integration Project.

      Following were the prerequisites which were required for Credit Bureau module, which have been implemented:

      1) Address Module

      2) Family Members module


      The idea was to allow the users to map different loans with different credit bureaus and develop a generic framework which handles the request(to credit bureau) and response (from credit bureau).  

      The mapping module which would enable mapping of credit bureau to loans also has been developed and has screen support in UI. 

      What is required to be done:

      Framework is to be developed, which would use the mapping (from mapping module) and make request to required credit bureau. There are many ways to achieve this :

      One can use this mapping and form object using factory pattern. 

      Interface Request


      CBRequest1 , CBRequest2

      based on the mapping , we can set properties in the implementation and form request.


      Similarly, we would need to have response module. Ideally this should be a asynchronous service, which makes a request and then wait for response to come in. However, this is an ideal  scenario. It completely depends on the credit bureaus architecture. Based on my experience, it is mostly an API based model wherein you make a request to REST API and response comes in. So in this case, we would have to develop request response as tightly coupled modules, we make request, we get response and we parse it all in one flow.





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