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Reverse Overdue Charges Application




      We've been working on having a complete functionality of our approach, but we got an issue at the moment of applying overdue charges when running the job:
      Is there any workaround to reverse the overdue charges application?
      This is necessary, because the overdue charges are being applied daily, but if the repayment is made before applying the charges, but it is not registered at the system, we need to reverse the calculation and "remove" this charges from the final outstanding.

      Current Business behaviour: When the client makes a repayment, it might not be registered in the system until some days or weeks later, then the overdue charges if are applied daily, have to be reversed from de current date until the date the repayment was done.
      Then, it is the approach we are looking for.
      We had already figured out the "Waiving charges" process, but it would work better if there was a job doing the contrary process of applying overdue charges, like "Reverse overdue charges" by date or any moment in a specified time.

      **The attachment (FINERACT-513.pdf) shows the funtionality in a more specific way.


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