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Document update required to describe sqlline usage for Windows



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      Patch has been submitted to create the windows version of sqlline as part of DRILL-338. Corresponding document update is required for developers using Windows OS and "sqlline.bat". The required changes are given below:

      1. Compiling Drill from source
        1. Under "Compile the code", the following needs to be added under windows "del /s contrib/sqlline/target/dependencies"
        2. Under "Run the interactive Drill shell", the following needs to be added under windows "./sqlline.bat -u jdbc:drill:schema=parquet-local -n admin -p admin"
        3. Is protobuf required for Windows platform as well (I don't see any discussion on protobuf for mac osx)? If it is required, then a section need to be added for windows and a link to https://code.google.com/p/protobuf/downloads/detail?name=protoc-2.5.0-win32.zip&can=2&q= need to be provided for download of protobuf.
      1. Contributing
        4. What is the use case of applying a patch file in Drill project (My understanding is, if code changes are done in production server, the diff file from that server may be used to apply the patch in the repository)?
        5. In the statement "In JIRA, use attach file no notify that you've submitted a patch for that issue", "attach file" may be replaced by "More -> Attach Files"
        6. Should the patch file be loaded to both review board and jira?
        7. In the following text from the wiki, can someone elaborate where the highlighted "Submit Patch" button is located (For my changes, I used "update -> Upload Diff" option of Apache Review Board)?

      Updating a patch
      For patch updates, our convention is to number them like DRILL-1856.1.patch.txt, DRILL-1856.2.patch.txt, etc. And then click the "Submit Patch" button again when a new one is uploaded; this makes sure it gets back into the review queue. Appending '.txt' to the patch file name makes it easy to quickly view the contents of the patch in a web browser.




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