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hang in suites.all with ibm 1.5 on AIX after ttestDefaultProperties


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      High Value Fix
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      Regression Test Failure


      The test run for hung in suites.All. The console output (the run was with -Dderby.tests.trace=true) showed ttestDefaultProperties had successfully completed but the run was halted.
      ps -eaf | grep java showed the process that kicked off suites.All, and a networkserver process with the following flags:

      • classpath <classpath including derby.jar, derbytools.jar, derbyclient.jar, derbynet.jar, derbyTesting.jar, derbyrun.jar, derbyTesting.jar and junit.jar> -Dderby.drda.logConnections= -Dderby.drda.traceAll= -Dderby.drda.traceDirectory= -Dderby.drda.keepAlive= -Dderby.drda.timeSlice= -Dderby.drda.host= -Dderby.drda.portNumber= -derby.drda.minThreads= -Dderby.drda.maxThreads= -Dderby.drda.startNetworkServer= -Dderby.drda.debug= org.apache.derby.drda.NetworkServerControl start -h localhost -p 1527
        This process had been sitting for 2 days.
        After killing the NetworkServerControl process, the test continued successfully (except for DERBY-4186, fixed in trunk), but the following was put out to the console:
        START-SPAWNED:SpawnedNetworkServer STANDARD OUTPUT: exit code=137
        2009-07-18 03:16:07.157 GMT : Security manager installed using the Basic server
        security policy.
        2009-07-18 03:16:09.169 GMT : Apache Derby Network Server - - (794445)
        started and ready to accept connections on port 1527
        END-SPAWNED :SpawnedNetworkServer STANDARD OUTPUT:


        1. derby-4317_timeout_for_complete_diff.txt
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          Kathey Marsden
        2. derby-4319_disable_setPortPriorty_diff.txt
          4 kB
          Kathey Marsden
        3. derby-4319_disableSetPortPriorityAndDefaultProperties_diff.txt
          5 kB
          Kathey Marsden
        4. derby-4319_teardown_kill_on_bad_ping.txt
          2 kB
          Kathey Marsden
        5. javacore.20090723.093837.25380.0001.txt
          131 kB
          Myrna van Lunteren
        6. javacore.20090723.093909.24726.0001.txt
          131 kB
          Myrna van Lunteren
        7. LaunchedNetworkServer.javacore.20110309.160148.6488248.0001.txt
          139 kB
          Kathey Marsden
        8. LaunchedNetworkServerAfterPing.javacore.20110310.124948.6488248.0002.txt
          139 kB
          Kathey Marsden
        9. TestOutput2011-03-09.txt
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          Kathey Marsden
        10. TestProcess.javacore.20110310.123703.4390978.0001.txt
          367 kB
          Kathey Marsden

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