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internal multiple references from different rows to a single BLOB/CLOB stream leads to various errors when second reference used.



    • Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Network Client, SQL, Store
    • Mac OSX 10.4
      JDK 1.5.0_13
      Hibernate EntityManager 3.2.1
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      Derby + Hibernate JPA 3.2.1 problem on entity with Blob/Clob


      I'm using Derby in Client - Server mode with Hibernate JPA EJB 3.0.
      When a query on an entity containing a Clob and some joins on other entites is executed, an exception with the following message is thrown:
      XJ073: The data in this BLOB or CLOB is no longer available. The BLOB/CLOB's transaction may be committed, or its connection is closed.

      This problem occurs when the property "hibernate.max_fetch_depth" is greater than 0.
      When hibernate.max_fetch_depth=0, the query works.

      If Derby is configured in embedded mode, the query works independently of the value of hibernate.max_fetch_depth.

      On the Hibernate's documentation, the advised value of hibernate.max_fetch_depth is 3.
      Could you explain me if I made something wrong ?

      Thank you.


        1. DerbyHibernateTest.zip
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        2. Derby3650Repro.java
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          Kristian Waagan
        3. testdb.zip
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        4. Derby3650EmbeddedRepro.java
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          Katherine Marsden
        5. Derby3650FullRepro.java
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        6. UnionAll.java
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        7. traces_on_FormatIdStream_alloc.txt
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        8. Derby3650FullClientRepro.java
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        9. derby-3650_tests_diff.txt
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        10. derby-3650-preliminary_diff.txt
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        12. cloning-methods.html
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        13. derby-3650-preliminary_2_reworked.diff
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        14. ASF.LICENSE.NOT.GRANTED--derby-3650-preliminary_2_reworked-1b.diff
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