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message typos: error 42X52, XJ100.S, XBCXU/XBCXV...



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      There are some minor typos and issues in the English error messages files:

      engine messages:

      • 42X52 - message has this:
        ' ' {0}

        " (single quote - single quote - curly brace open - zero - curly brace close - double quote)
        should be two closing single quotes.

      • XJ100.S has a stray double quote at the end
      • XBCXU and XBCXV will get a double period in 'real live', for instance:
        ERROR XBCXU: Encryption of an un-encrypted database failed: Container was opened in read-only mode. .
        ERROR XBCXU: Encryption of an un-encrypted database with a new key or a new password failed: Container was opened in read-only mode. .
        Either the period/full stop at the end of the parameter string, or at the end of the 'parent' string will need to be removed.

      And this is what my spell/grammar checker complained about:

      • 42X46, 42X47 has a grammar issue: "Use a the full signature" should be "Use the full signature"
      • 42X69: 'expresssion' has 3 s-es.
      • 58009.C.21, 7, 8 - DRDA codes should probably be in uppercase.
      • XBM08.D - 'instantiage' should be 'instantiate'
      • XSCB4.S - 'ie.' should be 'i.e.'
      • XSDF2.S - 'exeception' should be 'exception'
      • XSLAL.D - 'encounted' should be 'encountered'
      • XSTB6.M - 'substitue' should be 'substitute'
      • 42Z54.U - 'excepiton' should be 'exception'
      • C001 - 'A unknown' should be 'An unknown'
      • L008, L009 - 'Deleteing' should be 'Deleting'

      SRV_MaxTrys - 'trys' should be 'tries'


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