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Thread termination -> XSDG after operation is 'complete'



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    • Linux kernel 2.4.21-243-athlon (SuSE 9.0)
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      I've encountered what appears to be a bug related to threading. After an INSERT operation, if the invoking thread terminates too quickly, Derby throws an XSDG.

      The bug is a bit difficult to isolate but it occurs consistently in the following situation (with a particular database and an operation of a particular size):

      Derby is running in embedded mode with autocommit on.
      The application performs an INPUT operation from a thread that is not the main thread. The INPUT is issued using a PreparedStatement. The INPUT adds ~ 256 records of six fields each. (Note that INSERTs of this size seem to work fine in other contexts.)

      The preparedStatement.executeUpdate() seems to excute successfully; at least it returns without throwing an exception.

      The thread that invoked the INPUT operation then terminates (but NOT the application). The next INPUT operation then results in an

      "ERROR XSDG1: Page Page(7,Container(0, 1344)) could not be written to disk, please check if disk is full."

      The disk is definitely not full.

      HOWEVER, if I put the calling thread to sleep for a second before it exits, the problem does not occur.

      I'm not quite sure what to make of this. I was under the impression that most of Derby's activity occurs in the application's threads. Could Derby be creating a child thread from in the application thread, which dies when the parent thread terminates?



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