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[Back-end]: Set of issues for bucket browser

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      1. Allow bucket operation if bucket is empty   - verified
      2. If delete the last file in folder the folder deletes (if folder has been created via DLab bucket browser) and the folder appears as a file (if folder has been created from Cloud console) verified
      3. Allow to create empty folder (after creation the folder disappears if nothing is added to the folder).  - verified
        1. Make 'Save' button and add 'Cancel' button and made the option mandatory-
        2. Do not allow to create folder using not English letter and with the same name, (special characters: <>, <_>, <.> should be allowed - add error message) ? From -GCP console it is forbidden </>, <">, <\>. For AWS console it is forbidden </>. For Azure console it is forbidden <#>, <?>, </>, <\>. So from DLab UI side do not allow to create using not English letterverified
      4. Allow to manage objects if file or folder contain space verified
      5. Do not highlight object if over mouse the file in case if download and deletion are forbidden verified
      6. Cut object name if name is too long verified
      7. If check off object and than click another folder the 'Download'/'Delete' buttons should be disabled verified
      8. After clicking upload  the button 'Upload' should be disabled verified
      9. 'x' icon should be red if over the mouse during upload and should cancel uploading verified
      10. Add header: Name/Size/Last modified verified
      11. Do not convey to user size and date/time for folder, instead of it portray <> symbol-verified



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