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[Front-end]: Set of improvements for bucket browser

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      1.  Add possibility to delete folder. - verified
      2.  Convey confirmation message for object deletion. Convey grid of folders and objects which will be deleted. Add: 'All affected objects will be deleted. Do you want to proceed?' and add 'No', 'Yes' buttons.  The header of confirmation message 'Delete object(s)'. If user does not delete any folder convey error message 'These objects will be deleted. Do you want to proceed?' - verified
      3.  Add confirmation message if upload the file with exciting name like it is on GCP -  verified
      4.  Multiple support for upload/deletion/  download - it was discussed multiple support only for upload and deletion. - verified
      5.  Make breadcrumb clickable - verified
        #  'Download'/'Delete' buttons should be white and should be disabled and if user selects files the buttons should be enabled. Move these buttons on the top of popup and on the bottom leave 'Close' button. - verified
      6.  The previous uploading process should not disappear if user upload another object or does not cancel and only closes the window or goes to another folder.  - verified
      7.  Add filter by name - verified
      8.  Add auto-focus during folder creation verified
      9.  Add auto-focus during uploading process -verified
      10.  It is impossible to create folder if bucket is empty, but should be - verified
      11.  It is impossible to create folder if name contains <(>, <)>, < ]>, <,>, <.> but should be - verified
      12.  Add hint for folder in the left section - verified
      13.  Hint should be above the pointed object in upload grid. Also align hint - verified
      14.  Reduce distance between rows in grid by vertical in confirmation message for deletion - verified
      15.  Add  the same icon for all types of  files - verified
      16.  Alter text in confirmation message for deletion to: 'The object(s) will be deleted.' - verified
      17.  Add hint for confirmation popup for upload (resolve conflicts) - verified
      18.  Cut too long name in confirmation dialog for upload (conflicts) - verified
      19.  Add padding to name in the right side in confirmation dialog for deletion - verified


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        4. Point15 - Confirmation message for deletion.png
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        5. Point 14 - hint for uploading.png
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        6. Point 13 - hint for folder.png
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        7. Imposible to create folder if bucket is empty.png
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        11. Alter text in confirmation message.png
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