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cordova-js update devDependencies in package.json



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      npm outdated shows some eslint devDependencies items that are out of date (along with browserify item which is covered by CB-14156, outside the scope of this issue):

      Package                     Current  Wanted  Latest  Location
      browserify                   14.4.0  14.4.0  16.2.2  cordova-js
      eslint-config-semistandard   11.0.0  11.0.0  12.0.1  cordova-js
      eslint-config-standard       10.2.1  10.2.1  11.0.0  cordova-js
      eslint-plugin-node            5.2.1   5.2.1   6.0.1  cordova-js

      npm check shows how to update the dependencies (extra messages such as cordova & system package missing messages omitted here):

      browserify                   😎  MAJOR UP  Major update available. https://github.com/browserify/browserify#readme
                                                npm install --save browserify@16.2.2 to go from 14.4.0 to 16.2.2
      eslint-config-semistandard   😎  MAJOR UP  Major update available. https://github.com/Flet/eslint-config-semistandard
                                                npm install --save-dev eslint-config-semistandard@12.0.1 to go from 11.0.0 to 12.0.1
      eslint-config-standard       😎  MAJOR UP  Major update available. https://github.com/standard/eslint-config-standard
                                                npm install --save-dev eslint-config-standard@11.0.0 to go from 10.2.1 to 11.0.0
      eslint-plugin-node           😎  MAJOR UP  Major update available. https://github.com/mysticatea/eslint-plugin-node#readme
                                                npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-node@6.0.1 to go from 5.2.1 to 6.0.1

      npm-check can even do the updates automatically (in interactive or non-interactive mode).

      Should be straightforward to resolve. As stated above the issue with browserify is already covered by CB-14156, to be outside the scope of this issue.




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