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cassandra-stress should support a more complex client model

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      Orthogonal to CASSANDRA-8986, but still very important, is stress' simulation of clients: currently we assume a fixed number of clients performing infinite synchronous work, whereas, as I argued on the mechanical sympathy mailing list, the correct model is to have a new client arrival distribution and a distinct client model. Ideally, however, I would like to expand this to support client models that can simulate multi-table "transactions", with both synchronous and asynchronous steps. So, let's say we have three tables T1, T2, T3, we could say something like:

      A client performs:

      • a registration by insert to T1 (and/or perhaps lookup in T1), multiple inserts to T2 and T2, in parallel
      • followed by a number of queries on T3

      Probably the best way to achieve this is with a tiered "transaction" definition that can be composed, so that any single query or insert is a "transaction" that itself may be sequentially or in parallel composed with any other to compose a new macro transaction. This would then be combined with a client arrival rate distribution to produce a total cluster workload.

      At least one remaining question is if we want the operations to be data dependent, in which case this may well interact with CASSANDRA-8986, and probably requires a little thought. Jonathan Shook Jeremy Hanna Matt Stump Tupshin Harper jonathan lacefield thoughts on this?


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