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Major cassandra-stress refactor




      We need a tool for both stressing and validating more complex workloads than stress currently supports. Stress needs a raft of changes, and I think it would be easier to deliver many of these as a single major endeavour which I think is justifiable given its audience. The rough behaviours I want stress to support are:

      • Ability to know exactly how many rows it will produce, for any clustering prefix, without generating those prefixes
      • Ability to generate an amount of data proportional to the amount it will produce to the server (or consume from the server), rather than proportional to the variation in clustering columns
      • Ability to reliably produce near identical behaviour each run
      • Ability to understand complex overlays of operation types (LWT, Delete, Expiry, although perhaps not all implemented immediately, the framework for supporting them easily)
      • Ability to (with minimal internal state) understand the complete cluster state through overlays of multiple procedural generations
      • Ability to understand the in-flight state of in-progress operations (i.e. if we're applying a delete, understand that the delete may have been applied, and may not have been, for potentially multiple conflicting in flight operations)

      I think the necessary changes to support this would give us the functional base to support all the functionality I can currently envisage stress needing. Before embarking on this (which I may attempt very soon), it would be helpful to get input from others as to features missing from stress that I haven't covered here that we will certainly want in the future, so that they can be factored in to the overall design and hopefully avoid another refactor one year from now, as its complexity is scaling each time, and each time it is a higher sunk cost. jbellis iamaleksey slebresne tjake enigmacurry aweisberg blambov jshook ... and @everyone else


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