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Assertion in SSTableReader during repair.

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      I ran a git bisect run using the attached bisect script. Repro code:

      # 5dfe241: trunk as of my git bisect run
      # 345772d: empirically determined "good" commit.
      git bisect start 5dfe241 345772d
      git bisect run ./sstablereader-assertion-bisect-helper-v2

      The first failing commit is 5ebadc1 (first parent of refs/bisect/bad).

      Prior to 5ebadc1, SSTableReader#close() never checked reference count. After 5ebadc1, there was an assertion for references.get() == 0. However, since the reference count is initialized to 1, a SSTableReader#close() was always guaranteed to either throw an AssertionError or to be a second call to SSTableReader#tidy() on the same SSTableReader.

      The attached patch chooses an in-between behavior. It requires the reference count to match the initialization value of 1 for SSTableReader#close(), and the same behavior as 5ebadc1 otherwise.

      This allows repair to finish successfully, but I'm not 100% certain what the desired behavior is for SSTableReader#close(). Should it close without regard to reference count, as it did pre-5ebadc1?

      Edit: accidentally uploaded a flawed version of sstablereader-assertion-bisect-helper (doesn't work out-of-the-box with git bisect).


        1. 7000.supplement.txt
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          Benedict Elliott Smith
        2. 7000-2.1-v2.txt
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          Yuki Morishita
        3. sstablereader-assertion-bisect-helper-v2
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          Ben Chan
        4. sstablereader-assertion.patch
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          Ben Chan
        5. sstablereader-assertion-bisect-helper
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          Ben Chan

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