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SAI range query does not play together with "IN"



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      CI runs for this fix are in the comment section

      CI runs for this fix are in the comment section


      I am using schema from the website's quickstart.

      cqlsh> DESCRIBE KEYSPACE cycling ;
      CREATE KEYSPACE cycling WITH replication = {'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor': '1'}  AND durable_writes = true;
      CREATE TABLE cycling.cyclist_semi_pro (
          id int PRIMARY KEY,
          affiliation text,
          age int,
          country text,
          firstname text,
          lastname text,
          registration date
      ) WITH additional_write_policy = '99p'
          AND allow_auto_snapshot = true
          AND bloom_filter_fp_chance = 0.01
          AND caching = {'keys': 'ALL', 'rows_per_partition': 'NONE'}
          AND cdc = false
          AND comment = ''
          AND compaction = {'class': 'org.apache.cassandra.db.compaction.SizeTieredCompactionStrategy', 'max_threshold': '32', 'min_threshold': '4'}
          AND compression = {'chunk_length_in_kb': '16', 'class': 'org.apache.cassandra.io.compress.LZ4Compressor'}
          AND memtable = 'default'
          AND crc_check_chance = 1.0
          AND default_time_to_live = 0
          AND extensions = {}
          AND gc_grace_seconds = 864000
          AND incremental_backups = true
          AND max_index_interval = 2048
          AND memtable_flush_period_in_ms = 0
          AND min_index_interval = 128
          AND read_repair = 'BLOCKING'
          AND speculative_retry = '99p';
      CREATE CUSTOM INDEX age_sai_idx ON cycling.cyclist_semi_pro (age) USING 'StorageAttachedIndex';
      CREATE CUSTOM INDEX country_sai_idx ON cycling.cyclist_semi_pro (country) USING 'StorageAttachedIndex' WITH OPTIONS = {'ascii': 'true', 'case_sensitive': 'false', 'normalize': 'true'};
      CREATE CUSTOM INDEX lastname_sai_idx ON cycling.cyclist_semi_pro (lastname) USING 'StorageAttachedIndex' WITH OPTIONS = {'ascii': 'true', 'case_sensitive': 'false', 'normalize': 'true'};
      CREATE CUSTOM INDEX registration_sai_idx ON cycling.cyclist_semi_pro (registration) USING 'StorageAttachedIndex';

      Then I do:

      cqlsh> SELECT * FROM cycling.cyclist_semi_pro WHERE lastname in ('Cantona', 'Boyd');
      InvalidRequest: Error from server: code=2200 [Invalid query] message="Cannot execute this query as it might involve data filtering and thus may have unpredictable performance. If you want to execute this query despite the performance unpredictability, use ALLOW FILTERING"
      cqlsh> SELECT * FROM cycling.cyclist_semi_pro WHERE lastname in ('Cantona', 'Boyd') ALLOW FILTERING;
       id | affiliation     | age | country | firstname | lastname | registration
        5 |   Como Velocità |  24 |     ITA |     Irene |  Cantona |   2012-07-22
       20 | London Cyclists |  18 |     GBR |    Leslie |     Boyd |   2012-12-15

      But check this:

      cqlsh> SELECT * FROM cycling.cyclist_semi_pro WHERE registration > '2010-01-01' AND registration < '2015-12-31' and lastname in ('Cantona', 'Boyd') allow filtering;
      ReadFailure: Error from server: code=1300 [Replica(s) failed to execute read] message="Operation failed - received 0 responses and 1 failures: UNKNOWN from localhost/" info={'consistency': 'ONE', 'required_responses': 1, 'received_responses': 0, 'failures': 1, 'error_code_map': {'': '0x0000'}}

      and in the logs:

      java.lang.AssertionError: null
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.Expression.add(Expression.java:171)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.Operation.buildIndexExpressions(Operation.java:136)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.Operation$AndNode.analyze(Operation.java:303)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.Operation$Node.doTreeAnalysis(Operation.java:266)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.Operation$Node.analyzeTree(Operation.java:251)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.Operation.buildIterator(Operation.java:185)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.StorageAttachedIndexSearcher$ResultRetriever.<init>(StorageAttachedIndexSearcher.java:151)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.index.sai.plan.StorageAttachedIndexSearcher.search(StorageAttachedIndexSearcher.java:107)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.db.ReadCommand.executeLocally(ReadCommand.java:431)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageProxy$LocalReadRunnable.runMayThrow(StorageProxy.java:2184)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageProxy$DroppableRunnable.run(StorageProxy.java:2581)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.ExecutionFailure$2.run(ExecutionFailure.java:163)
      	at org.apache.cassandra.concurrent.SEPWorker.run(SEPWorker.java:143)

      If it is not supported it should not throw and it should print appropriate message.

      If it is supported I guess this is a bug?


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