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Stop requiring scribe transport for zipkin



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      Scribe is a long since archived transport originally from Facebook. Unfortunately, when the zipkin camel integration was originally made, it defaulted to the historical scribe transport as opposed to the much wider supported http transport. Scribe is disabled by default on zipkin for a while, due to it pinning to old libraries.


      Due to lack of maintenance here (especially when compared to opentracing), updates around zipkin don't occur organically. In fact http wasn't added until very recently eventhough it predated the camel integration! https://github.com/apache/camel/pull/2151


      This lack of keeping up is kindof ok when measured in months, but when measured in years, it has a bad effect. For example, we've been requests (only because of camel) to add scribe into new libraries. It isn't fair to Zipkin to have to add extra burden just because of lack of progression here. We are mostly volunteer run. If we have extra time, it would be better to use that to address more serious concerns, such as the modeling approach or old apis used here.


      Please deprecate and plan to quickly remove the scribe transport. If that isn't a viable option for you, please deprecate and remove your zipkin support, so that we can do it in a more sustainable and more supportable way externally, but without the confusion caused by conflating scribe with zipkin's port.


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