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Search Query Builder and Faceted Search in Atlas



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      Current search experience in Atlas UI is pretty basic and any advanced searches require knowledge of DSL that might be difficult for business users.

      As a data steward or data consumer, I need an easy and intuitive way to perform faceted searches on entities, classifications, relationships, and business glossaries and filter the results based on a combination of parameters so I can navigate and locate assets for curation and in order to take any governance actions. I also need to be able to save my searches and filters and rerun them dynamically against the latest state of the enterprise metadata catalog in Atlas.
      Implementation considerations:

      1. For business users, there should be default filters provided based on commonly used criteria in the search experience
      2. Any search results should only show metadata of data assets that user has permission to view, based upon authorization policies (via Ranger)
      3. Search facets need to be based on search conditions and should allow for sequence of AND, OR and NOT operations with multiple search conditions
      4. Search facets details (should allow for combinations of any or all of the following):
      • Asset type (entity types)
      • Attribute value checker (should allow for combinations of range checks, ordinality, exact match, numeric, string and date comparisons, single or muliple values, category checks, nulls)
      • Created time
      • Updated time
      • Size (where relevant for e.g. HDFS files)
      • Deleted/Active status
      • Owner
      • Custom property values
      • File format
      • Asset name
      • Physical storage context: Datalake/cluster or datacenter holding the asset
      • Classification
      • Glossary/taxonomy association


      1. Searches should be able to be saved and scoped to a particular business catalog or asset type or namespace (when multi-tenancy is supported by Atlas in the future)
      2. Once search results are available, user should be able to filter by any of the facets.


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