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[Python][Doc] Iteratively enable more numpydoc checks




      Asof https://github.com/apache/arrow/pull/7732 we're going to have a numpydoc check running on pull requests. There is a single rule enabled at the moment: PR01

      Additional checks we can run:

      ERROR_MSGS = {
          "GL01": "Docstring text (summary) should start in the line immediately "
                  "after the opening quotes (not in the same line, or leaving a "
                  "blank line in between)",
          "GL02": "Closing quotes should be placed in the line after the last text "
                  "in the docstring (do not close the quotes in the same line as "
                  "the text, or leave a blank line between the last text and the "
          "GL03": "Double line break found; please use only one blank line to "
                  "separate sections or paragraphs, and do not leave blank lines "
                  "at the end of docstrings",
          "GL05": 'Tabs found at the start of line "{line_with_tabs}", please use '
                  "whitespace only",
          "GL06": 'Found unknown section "{section}". Allowed sections are: '
          "GL07": "Sections are in the wrong order. Correct order is: {correct_sections}",
          "GL08": "The object does not have a docstring",
          "GL09": "Deprecation warning should precede extended summary",
          "GL10": "reST directives {directives} must be followed by two colons",
          "SS01": "No summary found (a short summary in a single line should be "
                  "present at the beginning of the docstring)",
          "SS02": "Summary does not start with a capital letter",
          "SS03": "Summary does not end with a period",
          "SS04": "Summary contains heading whitespaces",
          "SS05": "Summary must start with infinitive verb, not third person "
                  '(e.g. use "Generate" instead of "Generates")',
          "SS06": "Summary should fit in a single line",
          "ES01": "No extended summary found",
          "PR01": "Parameters {missing_params} not documented",
          "PR02": "Unknown parameters {unknown_params}",
          "PR03": "Wrong parameters order. Actual: {actual_params}. "
                  "Documented: {documented_params}",
          "PR04": 'Parameter "{param_name}" has no type',
          "PR05": 'Parameter "{param_name}" type should not finish with "."',
          "PR06": 'Parameter "{param_name}" type should use "{right_type}" instead '
                  'of "{wrong_type}"',
          "PR07": 'Parameter "{param_name}" has no description',
          "PR08": 'Parameter "{param_name}" description should start with a '
                  "capital letter",
          "PR09": 'Parameter "{param_name}" description should finish with "."',
          "PR10": 'Parameter "{param_name}" requires a space before the colon '
                  "separating the parameter name and type",
          "RT01": "No Returns section found",
          "RT02": "The first line of the Returns section should contain only the "
                  "type, unless multiple values are being returned",
          "RT03": "Return value has no description",
          "RT04": "Return value description should start with a capital letter",
          "RT05": 'Return value description should finish with "."',
          "YD01": "No Yields section found",
          "SA01": "See Also section not found",
          "SA02": "Missing period at end of description for See Also "
                  '"{reference_name}" reference',
          "SA03": "Description should be capitalized for See Also "
                  '"{reference_name}" reference',
          "SA04": 'Missing description for See Also "{reference_name}" reference',
          "EX01": "No examples section found",

      cc alenkaf amol- jorisvandenbossche


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