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leader/follower coherence issue when follower is receiving a DIFF



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      From mailing list:
      It seems like we rely on the LearnerHandler thread startup to capture all of the missing committed
      transactions in the SNAP or DIFF, but I don't see anything (especially in the DIFF case) that
      is preventing us for committing more transactions before we actually start forwarding updates
      to the new follower.

      Let me explain using my example from ZOOKEEPER-919. Assume we have quorum already, so the
      leader can be processing transactions while my follower is starting up.

      I'm a follower at zxid N-5, the leader is at N. I send my FOLLOWERINFO packet to the leader
      with that information. The leader gets the proposals from its committed log (time T1), then
      syncs on the proposal list (LearnerHandler line 267. Why? It's a copy of the underlying proposal
      list... this might be part of our problem). I check to see if the peerLastZxid is within my
      max and min committed log and it is, so I'm going to send a diff. I set the zxidToSend to
      be the maxCommittedLog at time T3 (we already know this is sketchy), and forward the proposals
      from my copied proposal list starting at the peerLastZxid+1 up to the last proposal transaction
      (as seen at time T1).

      After I have queued up all those diffs to send, I tell the leader to startFowarding updates
      to this follower (line 308).

      So, let's say that at time T2 I actually swap out the leader to the thread that is handling
      the various request processors, and see that I got enough votes to commit zxid N+1. I commit
      N+1 and so my maxCommittedLog at T3 is N+1, but this proposal is not in the list of proposals
      that I got back at time T1, so I don't forward this diff to the client. Additionally, I processed
      the commit and removed it from my leader's toBeApplied list. So when I call startForwarding
      for this new follower, I don't see this transaction as a transaction to be forwarded.

      There's one problem. Let's also imagine, however, that I commit N+1 at time T4. The maxCommittedLog
      value is consistent with the max of the diff packets I am going to send the follower. But,
      I still committed N+1 and removed it from the toBeApplied list before calling startFowarding
      with this follower. How does the follower get this transaction? Does it?

      To put it another way, here is the thread interaction, hopefully formatted so you can read

      LearnerHandlerThread RequestProcessorThread
      T1(LH): get list of proposals (COPY)
      T2(RPT): commit N+1, remove from toBeApplied
      T3(LH): get maxCommittedLog
      T4(LH): send diffs from view at T1
      T5(LH): startForwarding

      T1(LH): get list of proposals (COPY)
      T2(LH): get maxCommittedLog
      T3(RPT): commit N+1, remove from toBeApplied
      T4(LH): send diffs from view at T1
      T5(LH): startFowarding

      I'm trying to figure out what, if anything, keeps the requests from being committed, removed,
      and never seen by the follower before it fully starts up.


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