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      Zkgraph is a log viewer for zookeeper. It can handle transaction logs and message logs. There are currently two view.

      a) Server view
      The server view shows the interactions between the different servers in an ensemble. The X axis represents time.

      • Exceptions show up as red dots. Hovering your mouse over them will give you more details of the exception
      • The colour of the line represents the election state of the server.
      • orange means LOOKING for leader
      • dark green means the server is the leader
      • light green means the server is following a leader
      • yellow means there isn't enough information to determine the state of the server.
      • The gray arrows denote election messages between servers. Pink dashed arrows are messages that were sent but never delivered.

      b) Session view
      The session view shows the lifetime of sessions on a server. Use the time filter to narrow down the view. Any more than about 2000 events will take a long time to view in your browser.
      The Y axis represents time in this case. Each line is a session. The black dots represent events on the session. You can click on the black dots for more details of the event.

      2 - Compiling & Running

      Run "ant jar" in src/contrib/zkgraph/. This will download all dependencies and compile all the zkgraph code.

      Once compilation has finished, you can run it the the zkgraph.sh script in src/contrib/zkgraph/bin. This will start and embedded web server on you machine. Navigate to http://localhost:8182/graph/main.html.


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