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distributed race condition related to QV version



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    • 3.5.0
    • 3.5.1, 3.6.0
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      When a joiner is listed as an observer in an initial config,
      the joiner should become a non-voting follower (not an observer) until reconfig is triggered. (Link)

      I found a distributed race-condition situation where an observer keeps being an observer and cannot become a non-voting follower.

      This race condition happens when an observer receives an UPTODATE Quorum Packet from the leader:2888/tcp after receiving a Notification FLE Packet of which n.config version is larger than the observer's one from leader:3888/tcp.


      • Problem: An observer cannot become a non-voting follower
      • Cause: Cannot restart FLE
      • Cause: In QuorumPeer.run(), cannot shutdown Observer (Link)
      • Cause: In QuorumPeer.run(), cannot return from Observer.observeLeader() (Link)
      • Cause: In Observer.observeLeader(), Learner.syncWithLeader() does not throw an exception of "changes proposed in reconfig" (Link)
      • Cause: In switch(qp.getType()) case UPTODATE of Learner.syncWithLeader() (Link), QuorumPeer.processReconfig() (Link)returns false with a log message like "2 setQuorumVerifier called with known or old config 4294967296. Current version: 4294967296". (Link)
      • Cause: The observer have already received a Notification Packet(n.config.version=4294967296) and invoked QuorumPeer.processReconfig() (Link)

      How I found this bug

      I found this bug using Earthquake, our open-source dynamic model checker for real implementations of distributed systems.

      Earthquakes permutes C/Java function calls, Ethernet packets, and injected fault events in various orders so as to find implementation-level bugs of the distributed system.

      When Earthquake finds a bug, Earthquake automatically records the event history and helps the user to analyze which permutation of events triggers the bug.

      I analyzed Earthquake's event histories and found that the bug is triggered when an observer receives an UPTODATE after receiving a specific kind of FLE packet.

      How to reproduce this bug

      You can also easily reproduce the bug using Earthquake.
      I made a Docker container osrg/earthquake-zookeeper-2212 on Docker hub:

          host$ sudo modprobe openvswitch
          host$ docker run --privileged -t -i --rm osrg/earthquake-zookeeper-2212
          guest$ ./000-prepare.sh
          [INFO] Starting Earthquake Ethernet Switch
          [INFO] Starting Earthquake Orchestrator
          [INFO] Starting Earthquake Ethernet Inspector
          [IMPORTANT] Please kill the processes (switch=1234, orchestrator=1235, and inspector=1236) after you finished all of the experiments
          [IMPORTANT] Please continue to 100-run-experiment.sh..
          guest$ ./100-run-experiment.sh
          guest$ kill -9 1234 1235 1236

      Note that --privileged is needed, as this container uses Docker-in-Docker.

      For further information about reproducing this bug, please refer to https://github.com/osrg/earthquake/blob/v0.1/example/zk-found-bug.ether


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