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Transparent encryption of on-disk files

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      We propose to introduce optional transparent encryption of snapshots and commit logs on disk. The goal is to protect against the leakage of sensitive information from files at rest, due to accidental misconfiguration of filesystem permissions, improper decommissioning, or improper disk disposal. This change would introduce a new ServerConfig option that allows the administrator to select the desired persistence implementation by classname, and new persistence classes extending the File* classes that wrap current formats in encrypted containers. Otherwise and by default the current File* classes will be used without change. If enabled, transparent encryption of all on disk structures will be accomplished with a shared cluster key made available to the quorum peers via the Java Keystore (supporting various store options, including hardware security module integration). Small modifications to the LogFormatter and SnapshotFormatter utilities will be needed. A new utility for offline key rotation will also be provided.

      These changes will not introduce any new dependencies. The standard Java Cryptographic Extensions (JCE) are sufficient for implementation and can benefit from potential acceleration options provided by JCE now or future.


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