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QuorumPeer should unregister only its previsously registered MBeans instead of use MBeanRegistry.unregisterAll() method.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 3.5.0
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      When a QuorumPeer thread dies, it is unregistering all ZKMBeanInfo MBeans previously registered on its java process; including those that has not been registered by itself.

      It does not cause any side effect in production environment where each server is running on a separate java process; but fails when using "org.apache.zookeeper.test.QuorumUtil" to programmatically start up a zookeeper server ensemble and use its provided methods to force Disconnected, SyncConnected or SessionExpired events; in order to perform some basic/functional testing.


      • QuorumUtil qU = new QuorumUtil(1); // It creates a 3 servers ensemble.
      • qU.startAll(); // Startup all servers: 1 Leader + 2 Followers
      • qU.shutdown(i); // i is a number from 1 to 3. It shutdown one server.

      The last method causes that a QuorumPeer will die, invoking the MBeanRegistry.unregisterAll() method.
      As a result, all ZKMBeanInfo MBeans are unregistered; including those belonging to the other QuorumPeer instances.

      When trying to restart previous server (qU.restart(i)) an AssertionError is thrown at MBeanRegistry.register(ZKMBeanInfo bean, ZKMBeanInfo parent) method, causing the QuorumPeer thread dead.

      To solve it:

      • MBeanRegistry.unregisterAll() method has been removed.
      • QuorumPeer only unregister its ZKMBeanInfo MBeans.


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