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Use separate configs for free disk space checking for full and not-full disks




      YARN-3943 added separate configurations for the nodemanager health check disk utilization full disk check:

      max-disk-utilization-per-disk-percentage - threshold for marking a good disk full

      disk-utilization-watermark-low-per-disk-percentage - threshold for marking a full disk as not full.

      On our clusters, we do not use these configs. We instead use min-free-space-per-disk-mb so we can specify the limit in mb instead of percent of utilization. We have observed the same oscillation behavior as described in YARN-3943 with this parameter. I would like to add an optional config to specify a separate threshold for marking a full disk as not full:

      min-free-space-per-disk-mb - threshold at which a good disk is marked full

      disk-free-space-per-disk-high-watermark-mb - threshold at which a full disk is marked good.

      So for example, we could set min-free-space-per-disk-mb = 5GB, which would cause a disk to be marked full when free space goes below 5GB, and disk-free-space-per-disk-high-watermark-mb = 10GB to keep the disk in the full state until free space goes above 10GB.


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