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Enable service mode for Docker containers on YARN



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      This task is to add support to YARN for running Docker containers in "Service Mode".

      Service Mode - Run the container as defined by the image, but still allow for injecting configuration.

      Entrypoint mode helped - now able to use the ENV and ENTRYPOINT/CMD as defined in the image. However, still requires modification to official images due to user propagation
      User propagation is problematic for running a secure cluster with sssd

      Must be enabled via c-e.cfg (example: docker.service-mode.allowed=true)
      Must be requested at runtime - (example: YARN_CONTAINER_RUNTIME_DOCKER_SERVICE_MODE=true)
      Entrypoint mode is default enabled for this mode (If Service Mode is requested, YARN_CONTAINER_RUNTIME_DOCKER_RUN_OVERRIDE_DISABLE should be set to true)
      Writable log mount will not be added - stdout logging may still work with entrypoint mode - remove the writable bind mounts
      User and groups will not be propagated (now: docker run --user nobody --group-add=nobody .... <image>, after: docker run .... <image>)
      Read-only resources mounted at the file level, files get chmod 777, parent directory only accessible by the run as user.

      cc Shane Kumpf


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