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Make reservation work well when multi-node enabled



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      This issue is to solve problems about reservation when multi-node enabled:

      1. As discussed in YARN-9576, re-reservation proposal may be always generated on the same node and break the scheduling for this app and later apps. I think re-reservation in unnecessary and we can replace it with LOCALITY_SKIPPED to let scheduler have a chance to look up follow candidates for this app when multi-node enabled.
      2. Scheduler iterates all nodes and try to allocate for reserved container in LeafQueue#allocateFromReservedContainer. Here there are two problems:
        • The node of reserved container should be taken as candidates instead of all nodes when calling FiCaSchedulerApp#assignContainers, otherwise later scheduler may generate a reservation-fulfilled proposal on another node, which will always be rejected in FiCaScheduler#commonCheckContainerAllocation.
        • Assignment returned by FiCaSchedulerApp#assignContainers could never be null even if it's just skipped, it will break the normal scheduling process for this leaf queue because of the if clause in LeafQueue#assignContainers: "if (null != assignment) { return assignment;}"
      3. Nodes which have been reserved should be skipped when iterating candidates in RegularContainerAllocator#allocate, otherwise scheduler may generate allocation or reservation proposal on these node which will always be rejected in FiCaScheduler#commonCheckContainerAllocation.


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