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Yarn Service Upgrade: Support upgrade of service that use docker containers



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      Ability to upgrade dockerized yarn native services.
      Ref: YARN-5637

      Container upgrade is supported by the NM via reInitializeContainer api. reInitializeContainer does NOT change the ContainerId of the upgraded container.
      NM performs the following steps during reInitializeContainer:

      • kills the existing process
      • cleans up the container
      • launches another container with the new ContainerLaunchContext

      NOTE: ContainerLaunchContext holds all the information that needs to upgrade the container.

      With reInitializeContainer, the following does NOT change

      • container ID. This is not created by NM. It is provided to it and here RM is not creating another container allocation.
      • localizedResources this stays the same if the upgrade does NOT require additional resources IIUC.

      The following changes with reInitializeContainer

      • the working directory of the upgraded container changes. It is NOT a relaunch.

      Changes required in the case of docker container

      • reInitializeContainer seems to not be working with Docker containers. Investigate and fix this.
      • [Future change] Add an additional api to NM to pull the images and modify reInitializeContainer to trigger docker container launch without pulling the image first which could be based on a flag.
        • When the service upgrade is initialized, we can provide the user with an option to just pull the images on the NMs.
        • When a component instance is upgrade, it calls the reInitializeContainer with the flag pull-image set to false, since the NM will have already pulled the images.


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