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Add config in FederationRMFailoverProxy to not bypass facade cache when failing over

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    • Fix Version/s: 3.1.0, 2.10.0, 2.9.1
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      Today when YarnRM is failing over, the FederationRMFailoverProxy running in AMRMProxy will perform failover, try to get latest subcluster info from FederationStateStore and then retry connect to the latest YarnRM master. When calling getSubCluster() to FederationStateStoreFacade, it bypasses the cache with a flush flag. When YarnRM is failing over, every AM heartbeat thread creates a different thread inside FederationInterceptor, each of which keeps performing failover several times. This leads to a big spike of getSubCluster call to FederationStateStore.

      Depending on the cluster setup (e.g. putting a VIP before all YarnRMs), YarnRM master slave change might not result in RM addr change. In other cases, a small delay of getting latest subcluster information may be acceptable. This patch thus creates a config option, so that it is possible to ask the FederationRMFailoverProxy to not flush cache when calling getSubCluster().


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