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      This patch is to address issues when docker container is being used:
      1. GPU driver and nvidia libraries: If GPU drivers and NV libraries are pre-packaged inside docker image, it could conflict to driver and nvidia-libraries installed on Host OS. An alternative solution is to detect Host OS's installed drivers and devices, mount it when launch docker container. Please refer to [1] for more details.

      2. Image detection:
      From [2], the challenge is:

      Mounting user-level driver libraries and device files clobbers the environment of the container, it should be done only when the container is running a GPU application. The challenge here is to determine if a given image will be using the GPU or not. We should also prevent launching containers based on a Docker image that is incompatible with the host NVIDIA driver version, you can find more details on this wiki page.

      3. GPU isolation.

      Proposed solution:

      a. Use nvidia-docker-plugin [3] to address issue #1, this is the same solution used by K8S [4]. issue #2 could be addressed in a separate JIRA.

      We won't ship nvidia-docker-plugin with out releases and we require cluster admin to preinstall nvidia-docker-plugin to use GPU+docker support on YARN. "nvidia-docker" is a wrapper of docker binary which can address #3 as well, however "nvidia-docker" doesn't provide same semantics of docker, and it needs to setup additional environments such as PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH to use it. To avoid introducing additional issues, we plan to use nvidia-docker-plugin + docker binary approach.

      b. To address GPU driver and nvidia libraries, we uses nvidia-docker-plugin [3] to create a volume which includes GPU-related libraries and mount it when docker container being launched. Changes include:

      • Instead of using volume-driver, this patch added docker volume create command to c-e and NM Java side. The reason is volume-driver can only use single volume driver for each launched docker container.
      • Updated c-e and Java side, if a mounted volume is a named volume in docker, skip checking file existence. (Named-volume still need to be added to permitted list of container-executor.cfg).

      c. To address isolation issue:

      We found that, cgroup + docker doesn't work under newer docker version which uses runc as default runtime. Setting --cgroup-parent to a cgroup which include any devices.deny causes docker container cannot be launched.

      Instead this patch passes allowed GPU devices via --device to docker launch command.




        1. YARN-7224.009.patch
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          Wangda Tan
        2. YARN-7224.008.patch
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          Wangda Tan
        3. YARN-7224.007.patch
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        4. YARN-7224.006.patch
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        5. YARN-7224.005.patch
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          Wangda Tan
        6. YARN-7224.004.patch
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          Wangda Tan
        7. YARN-7224.003.patch
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        8. YARN-7224.002-wip.patch
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          Wangda Tan
        9. YARN-7224.001.patch
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