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Refactoring submitApplication in ClientRMService and RMAppManager



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      Currently, ClientRMService#submitApplication call RMAppManager#handle, and consequently call RMAppMangager#submitApplication directly, though the code looks like scheduling an APP_SUBMIT event.

      In addition, the validation code before creating an RMApp instance is not well organized. Ideally, the dynamic validation, which depends on the RM's configuration, should be put in RMAppMangager#submitApplication. RMAppMangager#submitApplication is called by ClientRMService#submitApplication and RMAppMangager#recover. Since the configuration may be changed after RM restarts, the validation needs to be done again even in recovery mode. Therefore, resource request validation, which based on min/max resource limits, should be moved from ClientRMService#submitApplication to RMAppMangager#submitApplication. On the other hand, the static validation, which is independent of the RM's configuration should be put in ClientRMService#submitApplication, because it is only need to be done once during the first submission.

      Furthermore, try-catch flow in RMAppMangager#submitApplication has a flaw. RMAppMangager#submitApplication has a flaw is not synchronized. If two application submissions with the same application ID enter the function, and one progresses to the completion of RMApp instantiation, and the other progresses the completion of putting the RMApp instance into rmContext, the slower submission will cause an exception due to the duplicate application ID. However, the exception will cause the RMApp instance already in rmContext (belongs to the faster submission) being rejected with the current code flow.


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