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Refactor existing Preemption Policy of CS for easier adding new approach to select preemption candidates



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      Currently, ProportionalCapacityPreemptionPolicy has hard coded logic to select candidates to be preempted (based on FIFO order of applications/containers). It's not a simple to add new candidate-selection logics, such as preemption for large container, intra-queeu fairness/policy, etc.

      In this JIRA, I propose to do following changes:
      1) Cleanup code bases, consolidate current logic into 3 stages:

      • Compute ideal sharing of queues
      • Select to-be-preempt candidates
      • Send preemption/kill events to scheduler

      2) Add a new interface: PreemptionCandidatesSelectionPolicy for above "select to-be-preempt candidates" part. Move existing how to select candidates logics to FifoPreemptionCandidatesSelectionPolicy.
      3) Allow multiple PreemptionCandidatesSelectionPolicies work together in a chain. Preceding PreemptionCandidatesSelectionPolicy has higher priority to select candidates, and later PreemptionCandidatesSelectionPolicy can make decisions according to already selected candidates and pre-computed queue ideal shares of resources.


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