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Deadlock due to synchronised get Methods in AbstractCSQueue




      While debugging in eclipse came across a scenario where in i had to get to know the name of the queue but every time i tried to see the queue it was getting hung. On seeing the stack realized there was a deadlock but on analysis found out that it was only due to queue.toString() during debugging as AbstractCSQueue.getAbsoluteUsedCapacity was synchronized.
      Hence we need to ensure following :

      1. queueCapacity, resource-usage has their own read/write lock hence synchronization is not req
      2. numContainers is volatile hence synchronization is not req.
      3. read/write lock could be added to Ordering Policy. Read operations don't need synchronized. So getNumApplications doesn't need synchronized.
        (First 2 will be handled in this jira and the third will be handled in YARN-4443)


        1. deadlock.log
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          Naganarasimha G R
        2. YARN-4416.v1.001.patch
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        3. YARN-4416.v1.002.patch
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        4. YARN-4416.v2.001.patch
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        5. YARN-4416.v2.002.patch
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        6. YARN-4416.v2.003.patch
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