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Allow users to enter containers as UID:GID pair instead of by username



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      Docker provides a mechanism (the --user switch) that enables us to specify the user the container processes should run as. We use this mechanism today when launching docker containers . In non-secure mode, we run the docker container based on `yarn.nodemanager.linux-container-executor.nonsecure-mode.local-user` and in secure mode, as the submitting user. However, this mechanism breaks down with a large number of 'pre-created' images which don't necessarily have the users available within the image. Examples of such images include shared images that need to be used by multiple users. We need a way in which we can allow a pre-defined set of users to run containers based on existing images, without using the --user switch. There are some implications of disabling this user squashing that we'll need to work through : log aggregation, artifact deletion etc.,


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