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An Application requesting multiple core containers can't preempt running application made of single core containers



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    • 2.7.1
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    • Ubuntu 14.04, Hadoop 2.7.1, Physical Machines


      When our cluster is configured with preemption, and is fully loaded with an application consuming 1-core containers, it will not kill off these containers when a new application kicks in requesting containers with a size > 1, for example 4 core containers.

      When the "second" application attempts to us 1-core containers as well, preemption proceeds as planned and everything works properly.

      It is my assumption, that the fair-scheduler, while recognizing it needs to kill off some container to make room for the new application, fails to find a SINGLE container satisfying the request for a 4-core container (since all existing containers are 1-core containers), and isn't "smart" enough to realize it needs to kill off 4 single-core containers (in this case) on a single node, for the new application to be able to proceed...

      The exhibited affect is that the new application is hung indefinitely and never gets the resources it requires.

      This can easily be replicated with any yarn application.
      Our "goto" scenario in this case is running pyspark with 1-core executors (containers) while trying to launch h20.ai framework which INSISTS on having at least 4 cores per container.


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