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NM fails to read files from full disks which can lead to container logs being lost and other issues


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      Container logs can be lost if disk has become full(~90% full).
      When application finishes, we upload logs after aggregation by calling AppLogAggregatorImpl#uploadLogsForContainers. But this call in turns checks the eligible directories on call to LocalDirsHandlerService#getLogDirs which in case of disk full would return nothing. So none of the container logs are aggregated and uploaded.
      But on application finish, we also call AppLogAggregatorImpl#doAppLogAggregationPostCleanUp(). This deletes the application directory which contains container logs. This is because it calls LocalDirsHandlerService#getLogDirsForCleanup which returns the full disks as well.
      So we are left with neither aggregated logs for the app nor the individual container logs for the app.

      In addition to this, there are 2 more issues :

      1. ContainerLogsUtil#getContainerLogDirs does not consider full disks so NM will fail to serve up logs from full disks from its web interfaces.
      2. RecoveredContainerLaunch#locatePidFile also does not consider full disks so it is possible that on container recovery, PID file is not found.


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