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Too much of preemption activity causing continuos killing of containers across queues

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      Two queues are used. Each queue has given a capacity of 0.5. Dominant Resource policy is used.

      1. An app is submitted in QueueA which is consuming full cluster capacity
      2. After submitting an app in QueueB, there are some demand and invoking preemption in QueueA
      3. Instead of killing the excess of 0.5 guaranteed capacity, we observed that all containers other than AM is getting killed in QueueA
      4. Now the app in QueueB is trying to take over cluster with the current free space. But there are some updated demand from the app in QueueA which lost its containers earlier, and preemption is kicked in QueueB now.

      Scenario in step 3 and 4 continuously happening in loop. Thus none of the apps are completing.


        1. 0001-YARN-3849.patch
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          Sunil G
        2. 0002-YARN-3849.patch
          29 kB
          Sunil G
        3. 0003-YARN-3849.patch
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          Sunil G
        4. 0004-YARN-3849.patch
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          Sunil G
        5. 0004-YARN-3849-branch2-6.patch
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          Sunil G
        6. 0004-YARN-3849-branch2-7.patch
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          Sunil G



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